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Welcome to Himacon Recruitment, the recruitment specialist for competent English and German employees for the European job market.

With our three recruitment agencies, a large ammount of collabortions, our own test- and educational facility in Budapest and over 8000 job openings on record, offers Himacon the strength your company needs.

For more information, for example C.V.'s or a free bid please contact us off duty at: info@himaconrecruitment.com or call: 020-894 6476

Email: info@himacon.com
Telefoon: 003612068792
Telefoon: 003684950023
Euromunka Kft. Pf.: 265, H-8601 Siófok, Hongarije
Hongarije Boedapest 1116 Építész straat 8-12.
Hongarije Siófok 8600 Fo straat 113.